Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Day One of Recycled Projects Begin!

Hello Blogging world, today is the first day of our great recycled adventure. We hope that everyone is having a great day. As our first project we decided that it had to be something that was easy and quick, because we all know that we don't have all day to be crafting. We chose what we like to call FRAMERINGS!!! Our recycled items that we used for the day are an old frame, and scrap fabric.
This idea came about because my mom would keep all of her earrings in a drawer in her nightstand. She could never find a match when she was rushing out of the house to go to work. So I decided to make something that was attractive that she could keep on top of her nightstand, displaying her earrings, and this is what I came up with.

Supplies: Old Picture Frame
Scrap Fabric, old shirt, or recycled pillow case (the size to fit the glass of the frame)
Glue Gun
The first step is to take the glass out of the frame. Then you place the fabric around the edges of the glass and cut the amount of fabric that you need to cover the glass.

Next thing that you do is glue the fabric to the glass. Make sure that it is tight around the glass.

After the fabric is glued all the way around the glass, you then measure the ribbon to make sure that it fits across the glass. I do 3 rows of ribbon because some of our earrings are longer than others.

After the 3 ribbons are glued onto the glass, then put it back into the frame, and put the back on the frame.

Then you have a FRAMEARING to put your earrings on.

It is a really easy recycled project that is cute to boot. Have fun!!

(The top picture is the first frame I made, its not the same one as the one I worked on in the project.)


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  2. Love this. I did something similar but different too. Mine is in a 12x12 frame and I also screwed in cup hooks around it to hold rings, bracelets and necklaces. This is one of those projects that works for almost anyone. Easy, fun, practical!


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