Saturday, June 5, 2010

Bucket Garden

This is our version of a mini garden.  We call it the Bucket Garden.  It has been about a month since we planted these and they have grown to this size.  We have green tomatoes now and it looks like the peppers will be sprouting soon.  Here's what you need to start:

Buckets (old paint bucket or drywall bucket)
Spray paint
Seeds or starter plants
Start by cleaning bucket and drilling three holes in the bottom of the bucket for drainage.  Spray paint buckets.  We added some decorative flowers to the buckets too.

 Add rocks to bottom for drainage then soil.

These are the tomato plants, picture taken this morning,  We should be eating them in the next week or so.  The peppers will take a few more weeks.  We did have a deer incident where there was some missing leaves one day, so we moved them all to the driveway and leave a light on at night and the deers don't seem to come so close to the house on the driveway.

  Create your own Bucket Garden and enjoy those fresh veggies!

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