Friday, June 4, 2010

Easy Button Kit

The idea for this one came from an online search that I did. This project is not only for seamstresses, it is also for everyday people who sew on buttons. It is a great gift and also a good way to get rid of extra canning jars.
Old Sock
Glue Gun
Scrap fabric
Canning Jar (any Size)
Construction Paper

The first step in this incredibly easy project is to trace the lid circle on the construction paper, and cut out the circle. This piece of paper will be used to cover up the raw edges of the fabric after it is glued to the lid.

The old sock is what we used as the batting for the top, so that pins would stick into it. I cut enough sock so that is would give a little bit of cushion. I did not use the entire sock when I did this.

The next thing I did was to put the fabric around the sock and the lid and to glue it on. I cut off the excess fabric so that it was not bulky on the underside of the lid. After the fabric is glued on top of the sock and the lid, you then put the piece of construction paper underneath to cover up the raw edges.

Then you fill the jar with buttons, put pins and needles on the top and screw back on the jar. 

Finished Product!!!

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  1. Great Idea, then maybe I could find a needle or a button when I needed one!


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