Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Swirly Twirly Coasters

On day three of our projects we decided to do another magazine project, with the same kinda feel as the trashcan. We also found this one on the internet and since we already had all of our magazines out it worked out great. It is the Swirly Twirly Coasters pictured here at the right.

This projects starts out about the same as the last project.
Glue Gun
A Border for the Coasters such as Jute or Ribbon

The fist thing that you do in making your coaster is to start folding the paper like you did for the trashcan. Make sure when you are picking out pages from your magazines that you pick out the most colorful ones, it makes for a more interesting coaster. Also you can color coordinate  if that is desired, just pick out some of the same color magazines pages to fold.  The only difference is once you have folded the paper you do not make big circles with it. After you have some pages folded you then start to make a coil.

As you coil glue the magazine together with a glue gun. When you use the glue gun though make sure that you do not do big spots because it will leave hole in your coaster. Make sure that the glue is smooth and even when it is dispersed.

When your coiling has reached the desired size for your coasters, you then will wrap whatever you have chosen as the border around it. We choose jute to wrap around ours.

After that you are finished and now you can enjoy wonderful beverages without having to worry about rings on your table. Also you got rid out some magazines and made something cool out of them to boot!

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