Wednesday, June 9, 2010

In a Clutch Hobo Bag

Recyclers-Anonymous has a fabulous idea that we wanted to share with you ... 
this project may be an original or borrowed idea.

In a Clutch Hobo Bag

Let us start by saying Happy Birthday Mom and Yaya (both the same person).  We love you!

This idea came from an older crafting project we saw done with a scarf, but we changed it up just a bit. 
This is the cutest and easiest bag you will ever make in just a few minutes.  

Fabric, a piece of square fabric or square scarf (approximately three feet wide is what we used)

Tie each corner at least six inches down in a knot.

It looks like a turtle.  Now tie two of those ends together in a knot.  And adjust it so it is a cute bag.  Beautiful, easy and fast!

Try this with an old wrap around skirt or some scrap material, even a light weight table cloth.
These bags in this picture are made of scrap material.  You could have a new bag every day.

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  1. OOOOH I want to try this..... I love this NEW blog...YAY Will put this on my daily reading.


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