Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jazz up Flip-Flops

Recyclers-Anonymous fabulous idea we wanted to share with you ... this project may be an original or borrowed idea.

I know that everyone has those plastic flip flops that you can buy almost anywhere. I have a pair in my closet for when I go to the pool or when I need shower shoes. Lets face it they are just not the cutest sandals out there. Well with some imagination and some supplies you can defiantly make them cute.

Extra fabric
Old Flip-flops
Glue gun
Optional: Beads, jute other items that can be used to decorate sandals.

When we decided to make these we both just used our imagination, and maybe others that we had seen as inspiration. We didn't want to make the same ones so we put all of our supplies on the table and got creative.  The girl that I was babysitting decided to tie fabric scraps around the straps of her sandals. This is really easy all you do is double knots with the strips, its really easy and fast, and there is no glue involved unless you choose to put beads in the middle.

The sandals that I decided to make were a little harder to make, but not by much. I choose to glue fabric around the straps of the sandals.

When putting the fabric on the thongs make sure that you put the fabric on in a way that it is evenly distributed on both sides of the strap.

When you start to fold under the strap you have to make sure that you fold under the fabric so there are not raw edges. This makes it so that you do not have the frayed edges when the fabric starts to unravel.

Then on mine I lined the brown fabric with jute just to give it a little bit extra detail. Then you have a cute new pair of sandals!

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